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SEO Services Cape Town

BrandSeed (SEO Cape Town) is a leading SEO agency offering SEO services in Cape Town. We get you found but we are focused, first and foremost, on ROI. We are businessmen first, before being digital scientists, and are obsessed with turning your target audience into customers. We apply neuromarketing to SEO in order to convert those visitors into sales leads. This approach allows us to offer leading SEO services in Cape Town. In this article we look at what SEO is and the what local SEO services are available in Cape Town from BrandSeed.

"72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles." (WordStream, 2016) (Source:

With Cape Town becoming an international, cosmopolitan city, it is important to realise the hotbed it has become for SEO services in recent years. Many international long-stay tourists flock to Cape Town, this is the reason why the SEO industry is booming as local demand is growing to be found on local mobile searches. This phenomenon is also the reason why as a company you need to focus on SEO Management in order to out perform your competitors.

seo services cape town first page ranking

As you can see in the above pie chart provided by Chitika, a leading ad network for publishers, 91.5% of all global traffic go to page 1 results of Google. The global average conversion rate of visitors to leads is only 1.55% according to the Ecommerce Quartery Report 2017 based on Q4 of 2016. If you are not on page 1, you have almost no chance of enough traffic to lead to enough conversions to reach ROI unless you rely on AdWords, but this is paid of course, where SEO is far cheaper in the long-run. SEO is a must and the sooner you start, the better as it is a medium time period investment.

How it works?

Contact us to have a free introductory Skype or phone call, we will then do a free analysis and create a free proposal tailored to your budget. Once you are satisfied, we invoice you for the first month and then offer our services with a month-to-month agreement, we want you to work with us because of our results, not because of a long-term contract. So no long-term contracts, just results. We also promise never to work with one of your direct competitors as we create unique strategies for our clients.

seo services cape town results


Transparency is extremely important to us, we share our weekly project milestones via our advanced project management software. Our clients receive their own logins, giving them 24-hr access. We want our clients to understand what we do, to see where their money is going. We want your feedback to count. We love communication!

seo services cape town explained

Explaining SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is about following rules that Google programs into its search algorithm. An algorithm is a list of steps that need to be satisfied in order to solve a problem. Each step is a rule that Google sets in a software program, that allows higher quality websites to be ranked above less quality and less relevant websites. Google's web-crawlers, programs that scan the entire internet to index websites in Googles' search, then use the algorithm to decide at what level your website will be ranked.

Google has to deliver its value proposition to its customers, that is to help searchers find results from websites that offer value in terms of solving a problem, find information, finding a product or service. Help them do that and you are half-way to being an SEO expert.

Search optimisers like BrandSeed work to format your website in the most appropriate way according to these rules, the problem is that Google doesn't publish all the rules, only hints at the very most. The rest of the rules need to be figured out through experience and testing. This is why it is always a good idea to outsource your SEO services in Cape Town - the more clients a Search Optimiser works with the more experience they have to tackle future SEO problems a client may have.

seo services cape town black hat

There are SEO's that understand Google's algorithm so well that they attempt to trick Google. This is very shortsighted and involves, cloaked(hidden) content and link farms or private blog networks. We refer to these practices as "black-hat" practices. Google works ceaselessly to discover these loopholes and it's just a matter of time before Google catches SEO companies doing this. Google created an update to their algorithm to counter private blog networks called: PBN Deindexing update. This immediately tanked rankings for websites that used this technique. The sad part is that it is the website that pays the price and not the company who did the search opitmisation. The website will be penalised and in some extreme circumstances even removed from the search results entirely. This is why you shouldn't trust just any company offering SEO services in Cape Town.

seo services cape town white hat

At BrandSeed, we only employ practices that Google supports or "white-hat" practices. Google has a value proposition to its clients, the searchers. They want to provide the most relevant content to the search or query inputted by the searcher. White-hat techniques revolve around helping Google solve its value proposition - to create amazing, valuable and relevant content through content marketing, that solves the searcher's needs, formatted in an SEO friendly way.

SEO services in Cape Town offered by BrandSeed:

Seo services in Cape Town can be broken down into keyword research, on-page SEO services, off-page SEO services and reporting.

seo services cape town keyword research

Keyword Research

We insert just the right amount of keywords in our client's content. It is important to know what the right amount of keywords per page needs to be as keyword stuffing when you add unnatural amounts of keywords, triggers Google's alarms and is also a negative ranking factor.

seo services cape town on page

On-page SEO Services

On-page SEO services are focused on the website's technical structure, content, and hosting. This includes seeding keywords throughout the content, internal linking, page-load speeds, and even conversion optimisation.

seo services cape town conversion optimisation

Conversion Optimisation is the analysis and improvement of factors that influence a visitor's behaviour positively in relation to the website's main goal.

We know how to link your pages internally in a way that will allow Google to add page authority to their structure, another ranking factor, to certain pages above others. We need to be sure that the right pages are ranked higher. Each link serves a vote of confidence from the page it was linked from. If a reciprocal link goes back to the original page, it will count as a mutually excluded vote or no vote at all.

seo services cape town off page

Off-page SEO Services

"Off-page SEO services can be considered all the work that occurs off your website to help improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. This includes link building, local listings, and social media optimisation" - Google
seo services cape town link building

Link-building refers to the art of receiving inbound links to your website from websites that have a higher domain authority so that the link is seen as a vote of confidence according to Google's search algorithm and thus position you higher in the search results. In the past many search optimisers used a practice of setting up networks of fake websites and then interlinking them, these cheap tricks don't work anymore. Google's search algorithm has evolved to detect such linking and penalise the website involved. In fact, Google has become extremely sensitive about link building and only suggests creating high-quality content that is naturally linked to. BrandSeed employs white-hat link building techniques to build your links in a safe way that won't come back to haunt you at a later stage.

seo services cape town local seo

Since we are discussing, SEO services in Cape Town, you can guess the importance of local SEO and local listings. Google serves websites that are relevant to a geographic area for certain search queries before other websites that may be offering the same service but in another location. Once again, this ties into the fact that Google needs to fulfill their value proposition to clients, to solve their problem by using Google to search for the appropriate information, service or product.

Let's use a local dentist as an example. If you are located in a certain area such as Rondebosch in the Southern Suburbs and searching for "dentist', Google knows that you would prefer to use a local dentist instead of driving to the other side of the city or another suburb like Oranjezicht. Therefore, it will display search results related to your local geographic area first, in other words, dentists situated in and around the area you were situated in when you performed the search. This is why if you offer services it is crucial to set up your local SEO in the correct way so as to come up on local search results pages.

seo services cape town social media

Social Media has the SEO world divided due to ambiguity by Google. In 2010, Mathew Cutts head of spam at Google, said that social signals were indeed a ranking factor. Three years later, however, Matt Cutts stated in a video that they do not count social metrics as ranking signals. Leading SEOs around the world believe Google DO take Social Media into consideration. An example would be the new firehose deal that Google signed with Twitter, that allows them to index to every live tweet generated. Why would Google move to secure a deal with a social media platform that gives them access to every tweet, treated like a micro blog? Also, it is wise to remember that social media channels like Facebook are massive search engines within themselves.

The world famous internet marketer, Neil Patel had this to say:

"Getting strong social signals suggests to Google that people find your content useful and choose to share it. That can help Google rate your high-quality content, which means that by the time you start building inbound links to it, any website link becomes natural."

Another factor of social media are the links. BrandSeed believes along with many leading SEOs that the links from social media act as credible backlinks and are indeed counted as a major ranking factor in Google's Algorithm.

seo services cape town measurement

Campaign Measurement and Optimisation

As part of our SEO services in Cape Town, BrandSeed offer analytics presented in transparent ways. The most important analytical data is your increase in revenue. We don't just offer up numbers with no real-world results, we are committed to improving your bottom line!

Our analytical data is displayed in easyto-interpret graphs and infographics to allow easy comprehension, we don't hide behind numbers, we hide behind results. The weekly reports are sent to you automatically from your own accounts. The data belongs to you as the account holder.

BrandSeed for your SEO

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