SEO Company Guide To Keyword Research

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SEO Company Guide To Keyword Research

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Your SEO Company Guide To Keyword Research


Our SEO Company Guide to keyword research is the ideal place to start when you need assistance to utilise keywords for your website. Keyword research is vital when it comes to marketing, content writing, email outreach, and on-page SEO, and without the right importance given to this topic, you cannot get ahead of your competition. Potential customers are a good keyword phrase away, trust anyone who works in SEO services.


When business owners create an SEO campaign, keyword research should be your first task. You may engage an SEO company to assist, and this outsourced partner will determine whether the site is ranking well for specific keywords. This will give you the information required to adjust your keyword campaign if necessary.



Not only that, but keyword research can be seen as part of the modern-day equivalent of market research. Keywords are literally what your website visitors are searching for online, and using them in your marketing campaign means bringing those visitors to you rather than letting them go to your competitors. As you can see, our SEO Company Guide is going to help you in a wide range of different ways.



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Without the appropriate amount of market research, no business will see the growth that it needs to survive. With more competition appearing every day, understanding this, and working hard to ensure the proper measures are in place, is crucial.


Finding Keyword Ideas


As a business owner, there is no doubt that you will already be aware of some of the keywords relating to your sector. Although these are a good starting point, the SEO Company Guide will help you go much deeper, uncovering keywords that you might not have considered, allowing you to find keywords with a higher propensity to convert in terms of SEO.



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It is wise to remove yourself from what you think you know and start fresh every time you carry out keyword research.


Keyword Research Tool


One of the best ways to search for keyword ideas is to use a keyword research tool. Some examples of such a tool include:

· Semrush
· Ahrefs
· Google Keyword Planner
· QuestionDB
· Keyword Surfer


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Enter your search term into the tool that suits you best, and you will immediately see where each keyword ranks. Google Keyword Planner works somewhat differently; it doesn’t give you information about where the keyword ranks, however it will give you search volume and forecasts.


Not only will using keyword research tools enable you to ensure that your chosen keywords are good enough, but it will give you information about whether those words are worth using.


Remember, just because a keyword isn’t a high volume one, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be useful; as long as someone is searching for it, using it might be advantageous since you will be able to rank highly much more easily. Having said this, it is crucial that you also use high-volume keywords to ensure a steady flow of traffic to your site.


Searches Related To


Your own Google search could uncover a lot more than just the answer to a question. It could give you some new ideas regarding your keywords. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see some more links under the heading ‘searches related to’ or ‘related searches’.


These links will offer you a plethora of additional keywords that people have sought out and that relate to your own query. You can use them to add to your list of keywords you want to rank for.


Study Your Niche


The above points will certainly offer you a substantial number of keyword ideas. However, with so many potential keywords to use, it’s easy to miss some that would be highly valuable in the long list of possible options. One way to solve this issue is to study your niche in much more detail.


Ways that this can be done include:


· Looking at forums
· Reading through Q and A sites
· Joining social media groups


By doing this, you will be able to confirm exactly what it is people are searching for, and what terms they are using. This will lead to developing an exceptionally useful list of keywords to use.


Mistakes A Good SEO Company Will Ensure You Avoid


Mistakes may seem inevitable in business, but this SEO Company Guide will at least help you avoid mistakes that many will make when they are beginning to understand more about keywords.


The biggest mistakes with regards to keyword research are:


Only carrying out your research once (and assuming nothing will change)
Not expanding the keyword list once you have exhausted it
Using only the most popular keywords (resulting in a lot of competition)


Essentially, keyword research needs to be something that features prominently in your marketing plan. It should be an ongoing task, but one that changes over time to ensure you stay up to date with trends. The SEO Company Guide is a good place to start, but to stay high in Google’s results pages, you must not stop.


What Search Volume Does An SEO Company Suggest?


When it comes to search volume, in this SEO Company Guide we suggest much more than ‘just’ determining where you can find the best keywords. The Guide can also help when it comes to search volume. Search volume is the average number of times a keyword or keyphrase has been looked for within a given timeframe. If you use this information strategically, you can create a marketing campaign that not only puts you at or near the top of the SERPs, but also ensures people click on your link.


Keywords By Competitor


When you have such a lengthy list of keywords, the question that must be posed is which keyword should be used first? Which are the most beneficial to your business and website visitor numbers?


To answer the question, it is good practice to conduct additional research into your competitors. Which keywords are they not ranking for? Using these as the basis of your next campaign will ensure that you outrank them easily.


Alternatively, you could look at the keywords your competitors are ranking highly for and use those in an effort to formulate a more aggressive marketing campaign.


Keywords By Season


Seasonal trends can significantly impact which keywords are ranking highly at any one time and what people are searching for. ‘Christmas gifts’ may not be a high-priority keyphrase in July, for example, but it starts to gain a lot more importance in November and December.


When you know about the trends in your particular sector, you can prepare a campaign in advance and in this way, you won’t miss out on the lucrative seasonal trends that can boost your business.


Keywords By Region


It is possible to gain a good amount of traction over and above your competitors by targeting a specific location. By using cities, towns, or states within your SEO keyword phrases, you can guide your visitors and ensure that those searching for your products and services are actually in your region – this saves a lot of wasted time and prevents leads that go nowhere.


In the same vein, different areas of the country use different words and phrases. Certain types of shoes are called sneakers in America’s northwest, but they’re more commonly known as tennis shoes elsewhere, for example. As you can see, using the right terminology will help to regionalise your website, whereas a more general term would not.


Keyword Difficulty From An SEO Company


Keyword difficulty is something an SEO company can certainly help you understand. Whereas you can simply start using the keywords you find, going more in-depth with your research will guarantee you better results.


seo company guide to keyword relevance


Keywords that have too much competition may have you stuck on the second or third page of Google’s search results simply because your site isn’t as authoritative as many others that are using these keywords.


If, however, you can find a keyword that people are using but that your competitors are not, you stand a much better chance of ranking higher. Read on for some examples of what you could be doing for this to work.


Use Long-Tail Keywords


Generally speaking, long-tail keywords are less competitive than one or two-word phrases. Focusing on long-tail keywords, which are four or more words long, will mean you are using specific phrases. An example would be “best mural painter for kitchens in Cape Town”.


This is why they can be ideal when it comes to outranking your competitors. These long-tail keywords might not get the volume of searches that more generalized keywords do, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


When someone is typing a highly specific query into Google, they already know what they want. You don’t have to spend time convincing them or selling to them; you simply have to provide it to them. This is why these keywords are so valuable; when you incorporate the same specific keywords into your site as are being searched for, your position in the rankings will improve and more visitors will not only click through to your site, but they’ll buy from you too.


Head Terms


Head terms are an interesting anomaly which this SEO Company Guide can help you with. They can be precise just as they can be highly unspecific. However, even the most specific of head terms will have a massive amount of search volume. This means, of course, that they also have a tremendous amount of competition.


Head terms can be challenging to convert. Because they might be extremely vague, you may have the correct SEO in place to show up on the first page of Google, but you’re still not what the searcher wants. Take the keyword “restaurant”, for example; the searcher might want to find a local restaurant, they might want to know how to open one, they might want Chinese or Indian or a barbecue.


There are too many variables for these to work well unless you have researched them accurately and ensured they are specific.


Body Keywords


Body keywords fall directly between head terms and long-tail keywords. They are two to three-word phrases with search volumes of 2,000 or more searches each month. Body keywords are a great deal more specific than head terms, leading to easier conversion. However, they are more general than long-tail keywords, resulting in more competition.


An example of a body keyword is “classic sunglasses”.


Each type of keyword has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to choose what kind of keyword to use in your marketing.


Examples of what you may want the keywords to achieve include:


· Ranking higher than a competitor
· Increasing website traffic
· Improving visibility
· Improving profits


The SEO Company Guide To Choosing A Keyword


The SEO Company Guide will enable you to find the most advantageous keywords for your site. Once you have the list of the most beneficial keywords, you must settle on the appropriate ones to use in your marketing. There are a number of different ways to determine which these are.


Search Volume


We have discussed the importance of search volume for business websites and how the correct SEO keywords can assist with this. The search volume of a keyword is the number of times it has been searched for. Choosing keywords with the highest search volume ensures potential customers will find your site.




We know that the more difficult – competitive – a keyword is, the harder it is to rank for it. The question you need to answer before going any further is whether you want to rank easily or not, bearing in mind that the ‘easier’ keywords are much more specific? The answer to this will depend on the overall impact you want to make from your website.


Measure The Keyword Results


It is imperative to understand that no matter which route you choose with regards to your keywords, you need to measure the results. Making assumptions about how much traffic you see and what percentage of visitors buy once they are on your site is dangerous, and will not help you with future marketing campaigns or any company growth.