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Custom Web Design

BrandSeed (SEO Cape Town) offers custom web design with future SEO and pay-per-click ads in mind. We create websites that convert visitors into customers. We use our vast knowledge and experience to ensure that your website becomes a primary lead generating tool or a platform for your brand's unique message. ROI governs everything we do at BrandSeed.

We apply the latest Flat design trends backed by science. We create stuuning websites and meaningful experiences online with your target audience

"Recent studies have shown that judgments on web site credibility are 75% based on a web site’s overall aesthetics, and these judgments are immediate as they occur as fast as 3.42 seconds"

- Study by Dr. BJ Fogg, head of Persuasion Technologies Lab at Stanford University, USA

custom web design vs wordpress

Custom Website Design VS Wordpress Market Theme

Wordpress is one of the best CMS's (content management systems) out there, and currently, 24% of the entire world wide web use it. It allows owners of websites to update their own content and publish blogs which is very important for content marketing and SEO.

The issue comes with using common, market themes, this allows websites to look very similar even with logo changes. Your website is your core in the digital world and brands need to differentiate themselves at all costs. Web Design should enhance your brand's individuality. When a website is custom designed it shows.

BrandSeed custom designs WordPress themes for our web design clients in Cape Town. You can be assured that your competitors won't have a similar design. We then attach your custom designed WordPress theme to the WordPress frame work which allows all the benefits of WordPress to coincide with all the benefits of a unique design for your brand.

custom web design project brainstorm custom web design conversion optimisation

Higher conversion rate means more sales

Conversion Opitmisation is fancy word for converting visitors into clients. It is best described as a science that combines design with statistical tracking of behaviour (analytics) with the intention of achieving the highest conversion ratio, or people who behave the way you want them to. We use techniques like split a/b testing, to test slight differences by delivering slightly different formats of the design, constantly to ensure our designs deliver ROI.

custom web design with scientific research

We apply scientific methods to create custom web designs

We are obsessed with online behavior tracking and online behavioural research. We monitor the statistics of your target audience's behaviour and then optimise your unique design to convert. BrandSeed follows Professor BF Fogg's work closely at the Persuasion Lab at Standford University in the USA. His persuasion model is called the B=MAT model and he believes behaviour can be manipulated by three factors that must occur simultaneously:


When people enter a search query into Google, they are already in their "buying cycle", this means they are already motivated to find information about or to buy a service or a product otherwise they would never have typed in the search in the first place. We design websites that entice this motivation by designing the website around your brand's core value propositions. If you have a genuinely valuable product or service and design your website to deliver your value proposition efficiently, your conversions have a higher probability of increasing. We take these factors deeply into consideration when we design websites for our clients.


Through our SEO and Adwords PPC strategies, we drive your target audience to the website. If potential customers can't find you or who are not aware of your existence they can't be convinced be converted on your website, we make sure they are there to be able to deliver your value proposition.

The way content is formatted is extremely important. If visitors to your site can't easily navigate or absorb your core value proposition you can easily lose their attention and another website is just a click away. We make it easy for your visitors to absorb your website's value proposition through design based on statistics.


Triggers are stimuli that prompt action such as bright buttons on websites and calls to action (ctas), like "Solve Your Problem Now!". We create very strong call-to-actions that tie into your overall value propositions, that push the visitor gently to convert into a customer. We also focus deeply on colour and use of imagery to trigger visitors to take favourable action.

custom web design flat vs skeuomoprhism

Modern Flat Design VS Skeuomorphism

Modern flat design is what we see on all modern iphones and android devices. To give you the idea of the influence in design, Apple sold 500 000 million IOs devices with flat design and Andoid 1 billion devices. Add to this that 50% of all web searches are done by smart phones and you get the idea. This new design trend is here to stay.

custom web design work space

Rand Fishkin from MOZ, a global thought leader in search engine optimisation, had this to say about flat design:

The trend of design toward simplicity and accessibility in software happened for a reason—simple sells, simple’s usable and simple scales

Skeuomorphism is the design practice of making items represented resemble seem real-world. The original smartphones had icons with shadows and detail to seem more real-world. Flat design has superseded skeuomorphism for a number of reasons:

Flat design allows for easy navigation and a sense of order. It doesn't feel cluttered and overwhelming and favours the Gestalt Theorem that states that the more decisions one has, the harder it is to make a decision. So Flat design allows for a sense of less clutter thereby allowing your site visitor to make decisions more easily.

Flat design is more image focused but less image 'heavy' and allows for faster load times which contribute to better SEO. A Recent test amoungst industry leaders in seo analysis tools, revealed tha page load speed is now a definite seo ranking factor. The faster a page load, the lower the bounce rate. Google has laso mentioned that page load speeds contribute to SEO.

BrandSeed uses the flat design of space and colour to draw the visitors attention to certain value propositions thereby increasing conversions. Flat design lends iteself toopen sapces, order and the use of contrasting colours to grab attention.

Choose BrandSeed for your custom web designs. We are passionate about creating your lead generating tool. Take us up on our offer for a Free Proposal.