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Content Marketing SEO

We are a content marketing agency (SEO Cape Town)that helps you become the ultimate storyteller for your brand by creating narratives that keep your target audience engaged. We see the long term value that translates into sales leads, repeat customers, and brand loyalty. Disruptive marketing is dead, marketing of the new age is telling stories and offering content that helps the target audience solve their problems. Content marketing is used by leading SEO companies in Cape Town as it helps your SEO significantly.

"Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders"(Content Marketing Institute)

Content Marketing becomes the vehicle for SEO, sales leads, repeat customers and brand loyalty. It is what is referred to as "flywheel" marketing. It takes a time to begin turning but once it gains momentum and traction, the benefits are numerous, powerful and long-term:

  • Direct customer conversions - more profits
  • Indirect customer conversions - increase ROI
  • It helps your SEO tremendously
  • Frames you as an industry expert and people only trust experts to solve their problems today.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Social sharing
content marketing with seo takes time before it shows results

Content Marketing is about building a long-term audience and a consistent experience with your brand. This leads to sales leads and customer retention. It enhances your brand positioning and brand image.

But how does content lead to customers or sales leads?

Think about a problem that you solved recently or information you sought, where did you go online to gather information to help you solve the problem? You probably bookmarked the website right? Where do you think you will go next time when you seek information again and have a similar problem to solve? Content marketing is about becoming an expert in your field that people go to solve their problems within your product or service industry.

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source:

Benefits of Content Marketing Frame work

BrandSeed is an expert in setting up content models even for the smallest of budgets. The great news is content marketing is one of the cheapest and most valuable types of online marketing a business can employ. The issue is that we believe content marketing must come from within the organisation as you must position yourself as an expert in your industry but we can help save you time by creating systems that make it easy. This extremely important for small and large brands alike.

blogs are used in content marketing

Smaller brands or start-ups benefit by making up for the initial lack of brand equity in the market as they are still growing. With Adwords pay-per-click online ads you can drive searchers already in their buying cycle (they entered the keyword to search) to your website and they will then experience your content. If your content is of a high quality and value they will position your brand highly in the industry regardless of your current market share.

Larger brands have to be experts and opinion leaders. By employing content marketing frameworks, large brands can significantly improve their digital ROI. Content is at the heart of SEO work and large brands in highly competitive industries will save huge costs by being found organically, have higher conversions of online clients and significantly improve their market share over the long term by been seen as industry experts.

When to start?

Content marketing is a "flywheel" marketing strategy so the longer you leave it the more time you will have to spend enjoying the ROI. Start with a basic strategy and grow it in advances. BrandSeed is an expert at helping set up content marketing frameworks, and once it's in place you won't need our help to maintain it, the power will be in your hands!

Content Marketing is also about committing to long term strategy. Many companies throw the towel in just before they start gaining the benefits of a content marketing strategy.

Extra Value

BrandSeed trains your staff with weekly lessons in content ideation(coming up with the ideas), content creation and content promotion. We set the content marketing rocket in motion and eventually you steer it all on your own. What's more, is we train your staff in blog SEO methods to add to your SEO campaign creating exponential value for your time and money.

Content Ideation

BrandSeed trains your staff in real brainstorming methodologies that guarantee consistent storytelling throughout your digital spaces. We help you to do competitive content research and identify industry trends to build content around.

content marketing agency with seo tracking

We show you content marketing agency tools that empower you to see what content your competitors are winning at, what gains likes, and what keywords they are using as part of their content marketing strategy, we set you on course for industry domination.

It is imperative that you create a strong narrative for your content marketing strategy. As your content marketing agency, we will help you align your narrative with your targeted audience and teach you rich storytelling that will have your target audience hungry for more.

The first step to creating a narrative for your brand online is identifying the "personas" that visit your website. Personas are profiles that help imagine what your visitors are looking for, who they are and by creating them you ensure that what content you plan to create is targeted towards the right people.

Personas are extremely important in creating your brand voice, the tone in which you communicate and position your brand. We help you develop the perfect voice that leads to engagement.

Content Creation

There are certain forms of content that are used strategically for gaining the engagement of your target audience. Long form content for examples gains the most shares, conversions and trust from online audiences and significantly boosts your SEO. Short form content is useful for actionable blitz campaigns within your content marketing frame work. Content marketing agencies use variations, as long as it is not "thin" content.

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. (Backlinko, 2016) (Source:

Content Promotion

Content Promotion is where we take over the reigns of your content marketing strategy. We use our advanced knowledge and experience to ensure that your content is found and your target audience is engaged. We use a mixture of SEO, PPC Adwords management, and email marketing to keep your followers engaged. We use content promotion to increase your sales leads exponentially and create brand awareness.

Content Marketing and SEO

It is of little value if your content marketing strategy is not aligned with your SEO strategy. We train your staff in basic, but powerful, blog writing skills that mean that your content is valuable and translates to positive changes to your bottom line.

We also train your staff in how to structure their writing for skim reading and how to position the most important points for conversion optimisation - getting your online visitors to convert into customers.

Content Frequency is very important according to Google's "freshness" algorithm update. Google now use freshness of content and when it was published to decide if you will be on page one on Google or not. Google needs to solve their value proposition, that is to align searchers with content that is the most recent, the most relevant and the most immersive to solve your problem or answer your question.

Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. (HubSpot, 2015) (Source:

Trust BrandSeed as your content marketing agency, we will make it work for you. Contact us for a free consultation.