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SEO Cape Town Crawl Budget Guide

seo cape town crawl budget for large sites

SEO Cape Town Crawl Budget Guide   In this SEO Cape Town Guide, we look at the crawl budget. For smaller sites, and we mean less than a thousand pages, this is very rarely an issue. Usually larger sites are affected by this more and we mean the size of Amazon as an example, but… continue reading »

SEO Company Schema Guide

seo company schema org database

Your SEO Company Schema Guide   Any SEO company will tell you that SEO is an area of digital marketing that can help to improve your brand’s online presence and visibility. It’s essential for your business to optimise your SEO in order to create more opportunities to be found in the search engine results pages… continue reading »

Ecommerce SEO Cape Town

ecommerce seo cape town shopping cart

Your Ecommerce SEO Cape Town Guide   Ecommerce is a competitive field, but one where it is certainly possible to succeed if you can use the right tools. Being able to drive more traffic to your online store is really important, and there are plenty of ways in which to do this. In this Ecommerce… continue reading »

SEO Cape Town Pagination Guide

seo cape town pagination design

SEO Cape Town Pagination Guide   Structure and hierarchy are essential for improving the readability of web content, and this is why pagination – the practice of dividing web pages into discrete sections to improve assimilation – is so important.   This SEO Cape Town Pagination Guide will attempt to help you understand this more… continue reading »

SEO Services Guide: Canonical Tags

seo services canonical tags hero

Free SEO Services Guide To Canonical Tags   In this SEO services guide, we look at canonical tags. We will explain why canonical tags are important for your website, and how SEO services can help you optimise them. In short, canonical tags provide a solution to duplicate content issues, an SEO company uses them to… continue reading »

SEO Cape Town Category Page Guide

seo cape town category guide hero

SEO Cape Town Guide To Category Pages   In this SEO Cape Town Category Pages Guide, we will teach you how to create category pages that rank well in the results, in just 7 minutes of reading time. Your category pages need to be optimised thoughtfully to ensure you have the best chance of ranking… continue reading »

SEO Company Entities Guide


SEO Company Entities Guide   In this SEO company entities guide, we will provide you with an actionable guide about the role that the less-discussed entity optimization plays, why they deserve a greater understanding and appreciation, and how to approach content having entities in mind.   SEO Company: What Is An Entity?   According to… continue reading »

SEO Company Site Architecture Guide

seo company site architecture group work

Your SEO Company Site Architecture Guide In this SEO Company site architecture guide, we will explore how site architecture affects search engine rankings, and how you can optimize your site in order to implement effective SEO that helps you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).   This guide will teach you, in… continue reading »

SEO Cape Town Hreflang Tag Guide

seo cape town hreflang tag hero

SEO Cape Town Hreflang Tag Guide   In this SEO Cape Town Hreflang Tag Guide, we will teach you how to apply hreflang tags correctly in just 10 minutes of reading time.   SEO Cape Town Hreflang Table of Contents   What is hreflang? Understanding the importance of hreflang for search engine optimisation (SEO) The… continue reading »

Technical SEO Cape Town Guide

Technical SEO Cape Town Guide: What is Technical SEO?   This Technical SEO Cape Town Guide will teach you the fundamentals of technical SEO, and how to use these to your advantage. Technical SEO refers to what’s behind the scenes or under the bonnet. It’s essentially SEO work done to the architecture of your website,… continue reading »