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Adwords Professional

An Adwords professional (SEO Cape Town) is hard to come by in South Africa. We can say with great confidence that we are a true Adwords professional and that we will increase your account ROI exponentially if you already have ads set up or create exponential sales leads if we start a new Adwords account for you. Adwords is about increasing sales leads almost immediately. Watch the video below ...

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. (Google Economic Impact Report)

adwords professional why us

Why choose us as your Adwords professional?

64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. (Source:

A clickthrough happens when a searcher clicks the search result on Google to visit a the website. So more than half of global searchers click on Google Adwords when they are shopping online for products or services.

We have achieved 35% + clickthrough rates (CTRs) on our AdWords accounts, with all being above 10%. continually throughout a year. This is pretty significant because the world average per industry is below 4% for all industries. We also achieved 10/10 Quality Scores and an overall account health of above 85%. This is proof of efficieny. We'll explain what these metrics mean in the video below ...

adwords professional understanding QS

Understanding Google Adwords - laymen's terms

Google's Adwords are ads that show up when a searcher enters a search term or query that triggers the keywords in a company's ads landing page and ad copy (wording). The problem is that there are thousands of firms competing for the same keyword. How does Google decide which ads get shown?

Google Adwords runs on a bidding or auction system to be displayed. Each competitor sets the market bid to have their ad shown but the competitor will also have other competitors bidding for the same keyword. The higher bid wins as in a traditional auction system, but what is different is there are other factors that come into play such as the Quality Score of your ad account.

Immediate Benefits of Adwords

SEO is a long term project taking between 4 to 6 months to show real results. Adwords ads, on the other hand, feature on page 1 from day one, if done by an AdWords professional. Your business can immediately benefit from sales leads and you can already measure the ROI after the first month. As mentioned, the searchers are already looking for your service or product you provide, so you just need an AdWords professional to make sure your ad is shown at the right price and that your landing page is designed to convert and your the sales leads will come in steadily.

adwords professional what half searchers don't realise

As you can see in the above study, more than half of searchers click on ads not even realising that they are ads. Seeing the SEO is a medum to long term investment, this gives you the opportunity to start getting sales leads almost immediately.

Why do you need an AdWords professional?

It works out more expensive over the long run to run your own Google Adwords account instead of allowing an Adwords professional to do it. This is because if you don't have years of experience you end up paying more for the bids and your ads being shown less. Adwords is easy to set up but not so easy to achieve profits or ROI and even if you have experienced some success we could exponentially increase it. Find out more below ...

adwords professional convert them

The team at BrandSeed use neuromarketing to create or enhance landing pages and content that converts site visitors into customers.

Understanding Quality Scores and how it affects your ROI

Google's Adwords run on an auction and bidding system to be displayed. Each competitor sets the market bid to be shown as calculated by Google but the competitor with the higher Adwords score will be shown over a competitor with the same bidding price. Furthermore, if you have extremely high-quality scores Google lowers your actual cost of the bid but enters your bid as if it was the full amount.

Quality Scores (QS) is score assigned by Google to decide the quality of your landing page experience and the way your ads are written. They take into account the quality and relevancy of your landing page experience and the success of the copy(wording) of your ads leading to being clicked on.

Over time these QS scores for each ad group are aggregated to give you a final overall Adwords account score. This is important because the higher your Adwords score the more your ads are shown at lower actual costs, so a higher ROI is achieved. This is because you are helping Google satisfy its overarching value proposition to searchers, helping them find solutions to solve their needs. Google wins as a search engine if it provides great content, so if you create great ads with great landing pages then you save money helping them in the form of discounts on actual spend. As an Adwords professional, BrandSeed understands this delicate relationship.

adwords professional landing page creation

Landing page design by an Adwords Professional

BrandSeed has years of experience in running AdWords ads and we know the science behind creating landing pages that convert. We know what works and what doesn't. We run various versions of the ad and landing pages in order to fine tune the slightest design nuance towards achieving increased ROI. We apply the latest research and analyse your account obsessively.

Your landing page has a large influence on your AdWords ad group Quality Scores, make sure you let an Adwords Professional help you do it right the first time as it takes some time to correct low Quality Scores.

What happens if we part ways and you hire another Adwords professional?

As an Adwords professional, we implement long term strategies for our clients that don't depend on us working with you forever. We give you the freedom to part ways at any time, your Adwords account belongs to you. Some Adwords professionals have their client’s account under there own account, and this impedes the client from swopping to a new Adwords professional. We want you to work with us because you want to! You may swop Adwords professionals anytime.

What do we charge for Adwords Professional management?

We offer a FREE proposal and we look at your budget and forecast the success of the campaign. Any company that offers a flat monthly fee does not have your future strategy at heart and is being short sighted. Let us analyse your website and do a full competitor analysis for free and then when you have those figures you can make a decision with regards to your budget and we can take it from there. We create unique strategies for each client and never work with a direct competitor even if we part ways, your Adwords professional strategy belongs to you forever. This is our promise to you as an Adwords professional company.