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About an Amazing SEO Company

BrandSeed is a leading SEO company in Cape Town. We are a team of passionately curious and courageous growth-hackers who are obsessed with our clients' marketing ROI.

We have extremely bright folk here at BrandSeed (SEO Cape Town), from digital, operational and pure finance backgrounds. We are not your ordinary SEO company! We are digitally integrated storytellers, that create content strategies around sound white-hat SEO methods that Google supports.

Research, testing, and analysis are our daily bread. BrandSeed adds science to marketing, and we love figures. They help us continuously improve ROI.

We are so confident in our ability to grow your business exponentially through our SEO that we don't work with long-term contracts, just month-to-month payments, and results. Results driven SEO is the only SEO you need. We deliver reports that are relative to your boardroom meetings and that make an impact with your executives because they show what your money is doing for you.

We also promise never to work with your direct competitors. We create unique strategies and we just wouldn't feel comfortable with competing against our own clients or our own strategies. We are passionate about every client's problem that needs to be solved and the solutions we growth hack for them.

We follow a unique process that allows us to achieve ROI:



We get to know your business inside and out, we get to know your staff and your current digital abilities. We listen and ask many questions and pour over your figures. We then analyse the data we collect and imagine a vision for your company underpinned by an SEO strategy.

We do endless competitor analyses to gauge where your competitors are succeeding and where their failures create opportunities for your company.


We enhance or create website landing pages and in some cases the entire website with custom web design for speed enhancement. We turn your website into a tool for converting visitors into customers, through a process called conversion optimisation. We use the latest in design aptitude to create digital assets for your company, that add value to your brand and your bottom line.


We used our advanced SEO knowledge and experience to drive your targeted audience to your website. We then collect all the data from this interaction through advanced analytical software.


We look at the data collected during the Drive stage of our process, measure the results and make sure that we are always striving to deliver real ROI for your business. We believe that we can constantly improve, even on our success. It's about carving value out of the digital world for our clients.

about us an seo company in cape town office

BrandSeed as a name represents the fact that all digital strategies are underpinned by an SEO Strategy. Whether you use Adwords, Facebook to advertise or create amazing content strategies, they have no value unless they begin with SEO. This is the digital seed of your brand, hence the name BrandSeed

We specialise in all aspects of digital marketing. We are masters at Adwords management, content management, and even email marketing. We use all components of digital marketing to achieve ROI for our clients.

BrandSeed consists of a team of master storytellers, we can help you tell an audience, who switches off from disruptive marketing, a story that nurtures your brand in their hearts and turns into sales leads. We create brand narratives that convert visitors into customers.

We train clients in SEO, professional management, and content management. We believe that the decision-making centres of firms need to understand the digital integration of our world, what prospects exist and how to leverage digital to positively affect their bottom lines.


We aim to help South Africans make the internet a better place one client at a time. We believe that at the end of every search is a person, we want to help solve this person's needs by helping our client companies to be found.

We want to help clients to become storytellers so that searchers can benefit from following their story, and in turn, have a loyal following of engaged clients.